A cover story by yours truly in the latest Spectator, about the people who took out Silvio Berlusconi this week. The Frankfurt Group — named for the opera house where they first plotted — is a Franco-German alliance backed by all the major bailout merchants on the Continent.
I argue that it represents a dramatic turn against democracy in EU politics. But, as Angela Merkel said at the opera house that night, there’s opportunity in every crisis. If France and Germany are going to bend the rules, why shouldn’t Britain?
Nicholas Farrell writes in praise of Berlusconi, the man he still calls ‘il Magnifico’. Carla Powell nominates her preferred successor: the 36 year-old Mayor of Florence, Matteo Renzi. And we had to let Taki have his say on his fellow Greeks: why, he asks, can’t they see that they’re being colonised by Brussels?